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NIMS – Network of Innovation and Strategy

NIMS, Network of Innovation Management and Strategy, was founded in 2016 and already consists of more than 60 students and 50 alumni from top tier business schools in Europe (Bocconi Milan ESADE Barcelona, RSM Rotterdam, CBS Copenhagenand WU Vienna)

Our Vision
NIMS connects aspiring master students of top tier business schools in the field of innovation and strategy. Its fellows are devoted to fostering a diverse professional and personal network to succeed in an increasingly complex business world.
Our vision builds on our three main pillars:

  • Professional collaboration
    We aim to inspire the career paths of all attendees at our various events in different countries
  • Academic exchange
    We strive to share academic knowledge in the fields of strategy and innovation
  • Interpersonal relations
    We intrinsically promote the transnational exchange of cultures, values and beliefs

NIMS teams across Europe organise workshops, keynotes, panel discussions and gettogethers with innovation-driven companies. By doing so, we are not only interacting with our local NIMS team, but also get the chance to work in international teams with our peers across borders. The highlight of each year is the 3-day Global Conference, where NIMS students come together to learn, listen, discuss, network and – obviously – to have fun and meet like-minded students!

By becoming a NIMS team member you:

  • Get access to a strong network of top students with a high motivation to go the exta mile
  • Establish contact with like-minded peers from all over Europe
  • Get the chance to work on different projects in highly diverse an international teams
  • Participate in interesting events all over Europe and get the chance to meet industry-leading companies
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Meet Our Team

Andreas Langes
Andreas LangesCo-Head NIMS WU
Susi Striegl
Susi StrieglCo-Head NIMS WU