Meet Eva

Eva Keiffenheim is a first-year SIMCie and is originally from Kehrig, Germany. Eva previously studied at Goethe University Frankfurt and also did several internships abroad.
Eva is also one of the head organizers of the Entrepreneurship avenue, which is Europe’s largest student-focused startup event series.

Fun fact about you?
Went 3 years to gym instruction (Turnunterricht), but I’m unable to do a handstand

Your favorite place on Earth so far and why?
Chacala at the pacific coast of Mexico because of the people, nature & food!

What is the best advice you were ever given or would give?
Determine the one best thing to do for you and then do it! An individual cannot diversify his own life by keeping dozens of equally possible careers in ready reserve.

What is your favorite book and/or quote?
What’s one important truth that very few people agree with you on? – Peter Thiel Zero to One

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