Meet Simon

Simon Frasch is a first-year SIMCie and is originally from Germany. Simon studied two semesters with a soccer scholarship in the US (Davis & Elkins College, WV) and did the rest of his studies at the Management Center Innsbruck. During his bachelor studies, Simon spent his exchange semester in Melbourne.

Fun fact about you?
Nearly crashed a 250.000 € car last year while the owner didn’t know I was driving it…

Your favorite place on Earth so far and why?
2 places: Fraser Island in Australia & Lysebotn Fjord in Norway. Same Reasons: Most amazing nature I have ever seen in my life, far away from all civilization/stress, etc. and retrospectively, best time spans of my life.

What would be your dream job if money wasn’t an issue?
Soccer- or ski-professional (guess money isn’t what prevents me

What is the best advice you were ever given or would give?
Trust your gut feeling for important decisions.

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