SIMC Master Program


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SIMC is not only a place to gain knowledge and a paper qualification; it’s a program which enables you to make experiences beyond classroom. During SIMC I met my Phocus co-founder, spent an exciting semester in Santiago de Chile and made incredible experiences as co-head of the Entrepreneurship Avenue.

Eva Keiffenheim, Co-Founder Phocus GmbH

Gaining valuable knowledge in strategy and innovation fields is only one side of the SIMC Master Program. More importantly, SIMC is about the people who surround you every day, who inspire you with what you can achieve in your future and who motivate you to engage it with your community through various projects and workshops.

Dominika Polakova, Intake 2016

The SIMC Program is a community that fosters corporate leaders and entrepreneurial mindsets. You can really feel the spirit of innovation and pursuit of excellence amongst all students in the program. Thanks to SIMC, I’ve gained amazing experiences, developed an incredibly strong skill set and have made friends for a lifetime.

Danika Chilibeck, Intake 2016

In SIMC I was overwhelmed by all the entrepreneurial spirit that is going on: You can work on your ideas in class together with experts in the fields of entrepreneurial finance, law, pitching and experienced serial-entrepreneurs – which ultimately lead me to found my start-up hokify, where we managed to raise 1 million euros on the TV show 2 minutes 2 million and grow our platform to more than 230.000 monthly active users in only 18 months.

Karl Edlbauer, Intake 2013, Co-Founder & CMO hokify

As head of the Corporate Department I had the opportunity to connect our student community with companies and start-ups – the workshops, site visits and coachings supported us in preparing for our life as young professionals. But for me SIMConnect is about more than business – it is about a great community of students and friendships that last long beyond the Master’s program.

Sophia Pipke, Intake 2014, Consultant Arthur D. Little

From my perspective, SIMC manages outstandingly the combination of different thematic areas and their interdependencies. This academic setting in combination with an amazing student community let me grow professionally but above all personally.

Max Egenhöfer, Intake 2015, Associate Boston Consulting Group

When I think of SIMC I think of high-quality education, access to a vast corporate network, gaining leadership skills as NIMS Chairman, but – most of all – I think of the inspiring people that I met and the amazing SIMC spirit we foster.