On Friday, January 19th 2018, the well-renowned consulting firm Accenture invited more than 20 SIMCies to their Workshop „Becoming a Digital Visionary“. The organizers including the SIMCies Katharina Posch (intake 2012) and Maximilian Koch (2014) warmly welcomed our group and shared interesting insights into current digital trends. The interactive format of the workshop allowed the participants to get active and prove their skills as well: The Accenture team introduced some valuable frameworks and analytical tools, which our SIMCies could then test and apply on the basis of practical examples. But that was not the whole story: Not only were our SiMCies spoiled with a brilliantly mixed „Punsch“ at the rooftop of Accenture’s office building, but also did they have the chance to talk to the consulting experts in a very relaxed atmosphere while having dinner at restaurant „Kolin“. According to the feedback received, all the participants really enjoyed the event and were happy to gain some valuable insights into the world of Accenture.