Which intake were you a part of?
I am part of the incredibly amazing intake 2014

Which country are you from?
I am from Austria – gosh, this sentence makes me dream about the SIMC ski trip 😉

What are you doing right now?
I am building my own start-up and with my team I am changing the way people plan and organize a funeral for a loved one.

After the completion of SIMC, did you look for specific jobs or were you flexible regarding different opportunities?
I was absolutely open for different opportunities, but I knew very clearly that I wanted to go into the start-up space.

How did you decide, whether to apply for a corporate position or join the Start-up scene?
Already during my undergraduate studies I fell in love with “Entrepreneurship & Innovation”. Once becoming part of the SIMC family, I really embraced being around entrepreneurial people. The close contact to the Viennese start-scene during the SIMC program as well as witnessing fellow SIMCies building successful companies shaped my dream of becoming an entrepreneur myself. So the direction was clear – start-up!

What is your current job position?
Since two months I am co-founder and CEO of BENU. With our company we make it possible to organise and book funerals online. Before that I was part of the business development team at Shpock, which was my first job after SIMC. There I was working on several monetization projects for one of Austria’s biggest start-ups.

How did you get your job?
Pure serendipity, a splash of connections and a lemon twist.

What is the most fascinating thing about your job?
Starting each day with knowing exactly that today I will be confronted with challenges I have never faced before. This keeps me learning and growing every single day.

What do you do on a typical working day?
Two months into starting a start-up I am happy to say that I am not yet having typical working days.

What are the five most important things you learnt once you started working?
Starting working means big learnings every day. Here are just a view of the bigger ones I had so far:
1) Assign yourself to projects that mean something to you. That keeps you going!
2) Being able to collaborate and perform in cross-functional teams is even more important than taught at WU.
3) Deliberately set apart time in your schedule to keep in touch with your friends from uni. These friendships are simply invaluable.
4) Find yourself a great hobby. This gives you the balance to crush it in your job every day.
5) Be aware that the concept of afterwork drinks is to be interpreted differently  during and after your studies 😉

Is there any other advice you’d like to give to our current as well as future SIMCies?
Miss no chance to enjoy SIMClive together with your fellow SIMCies. You will make friends and memories that last for a lifetime.

What are your best memories of SIMC?
My best memories of SIMC are the blurry ones collected in Nassfeld, Podersdorf, Siófok or Flachau.