Bonsoir mes amis! It’s Tuesday evening and time for our weekly #SIMCmeetandgreet 😊
As Head of Internal Management most of you probably already know Katharina, but did you also know that she just started taking apart iPhones in her free time? She first started because she had a problem with some of the hardware of her phone so she ordered an array of different iPhone replacement parts on Amazon and started watching YouTube videos on how to do it. Since then she has successfully repaired not only her iPhone, but also that of her roommate and that of a friend. So now you know who to call when you smash your phone during après ski at the upcoming skitrip 😉
But that’s not all, let’s see what other secrets she kept hidden:
Your favorite place on Earth so far and why?
One of my most favorite places in the world is actually Vienna. There is no specific spot in the city that I enjoy especially, but I love how the city can still surprise me at times. Even though I have lived here for a while now, every now and then I still stumble across places that I have never been to before.
What would be your dream job if money wasn’t an issue?
If money wasn’t an issue I would probably want to become a cook and restaurant owner – like those Michelin Star cooks that you can see on Chef’s Table (just without all the stress and time pressure of actually serving customers).
What is the best advice you were ever given or would give?
„Remember to stop along the way and smell the flowers!“