Hey SIMCies, it is time for our next meet and greet. Say hello to Lukas Pfeiffer from Wr. Neustadt, who did his Bachelor’s degree at WU. After, having successfully defended the WU Master’s Soccer Championship title in the winter semester, Lukas will be part of this year’s SIMC Volleyball Team competing for the 4th WU Master’s Beach Volleyball Tournament at Sportcenter Donaucity this weekend. If you don’t have any plans for saturday, May 26th so far come and support!

Fun fact about you?
Actually, it is not a fun fact but more a clear target: I have the dream to come back with a tamed grizzly bear from my double degree in Canada 😉

Your favorite place on Earth so far and why?
So far, the Cambodian jungle. Spending some nights there gave me a completely new definition of darkness and silence. However, I am also a big fan of our country. In my opinion, Austria offers almost everything: amazing mountains, beautiful lakes and nice cities.

What would be your dream job if money wasn’t an issue?
If money wasn’t an issue, I would definitely try to become a professional football coach.

What is the best advice you were ever given or would give?
If you want something – go and get it cause no one will bring it to you.