On March 12th, Davorin Barudzija from Teach for Austria hosted a Pitching workshop where we SIMCies could practice our pitching skills. It was a causal workshop in the evening where we were presented with the fundamentals of pitching and how to perfect a 30 second elevator speech.  The main idea behind presenting your idea perfectly is asking yourself “why” you are doing this and “why” you are passionate about this idea (i.e. the Simon Sinek’s The Golden Circle). There were four different rounds where each of us was partnered with another student who was also presenting their pitches. Through the different rounds, we each gave each other feedback, while we were also presented feedback from Davorin. Overall, it was a great workshop and because of the evening time, it allowed for students to join after work of classes. We definitely look forward to working further with Teach for Austria!