As the traditions suggest, also this year (’17-18) an exciting event was in the Get2Gether’s pipeline: The SIMC Family Reunion.

The main goal of this event is to bring our bright family closer together and strengthen the spirit of community not only within one individual intake, but also across all active SIMC students.

Also, since many of the SIMC students are spending a semester abroad and thus unfortunately miss some of the SIMConnect’s activities and ongoing events, we find it more than appropriate to update homecoming students and make sure they are having a smooth transition between adventure and excitement of their time abroad – and the reintegration into their final term within the Simc-Family.


Therefore, after having a small chat and a first drink or snack at the meeting room the whole event started with a brief update from each department with a recap what has been done and achieved so far – as well as what is still in the pipeline for the next semester!

Next, altogether we played a short introduction game called Human Bingo which motivated all students to confusingly run across the room, approach as many different students as possible and have a quick two or three sentence conversations to check whether they might satisfy one of the mentioned Bingo categories.


Subsequently, the group of approximately 65 students was split up into 8 teams involving a fair number of students from both intakes.
Four smaller rooms were organized to start with our team vs. team activities. As two different teams met in each room, half an hour was spent together to play two kinds of games. The first game usually was a general activity to let everyone present him/herself and say something about his/her person to make sure that every student has at least a first impression of our fellow SIMC students. The second game was a little competition between the teams. Challenging games as the “Airplane Game, Activity Card Drawing, or the Marshmallow Tower” were played for ca. 15 minutes and the winning team obviously collected points to find out who is the best team that deserves the winner’s price!
In total 3 sessions took place to make sure that all teams have as many encounters with diverse people as possible! These 30 minutes sessions were balanced out by a 10 minutes break to catch a drink, snack some chips and popcorn and have a quick chat.


Nearly two hours later, all teams came together in the big hall to pick up their stuff and to announce the winner team! “Unfortunately,” two teams scored the same number and we were facing a tie. A final beer chug challenge helped us to find out which of the two top-performers is the actual greatest team! Decadence at its finest – but the team members clearly showed off all their skills they have acquired during their precious time as a student to make sure to win the final price: Chocolate and a free pizza for everyone at l’Osteria!


To conclude the event at University, the whole crew hat the chance to enjoy a performance by three self-appointed rockstars that had to share a special message with their songs. Motivation, deep-relationships, and the enthusiasm of being together at the same place at the same time! Videos can be found online on the Simc G-Drive😉
After all, the little family headed over to “Die Allee” where a closing dinner and drinks were provided to please our hunger and thirst by all the energetic activities.


Summarized, according to the vast feedback and the smiling faces throughout the evening, our Simc people enjoyed it a lot to get