Ukraine Donation Campaign
written by
Miriam Ciglanska

In response to the horrific news of Russian invasion of Ukraine last month, the Social Responsibility Department has launched a donation campaign in collaboration with the other master’s programmes at WU to lend a helping hand to the Ukrainian community in Vienna. Thanks to the very generous donors we were able to raise 2,400 €. The money was immediately spent on essential supplies such as medical equipment, food, hygiene products, baby care and more and donated to the Ukrainian Community to be transported to Ukraine. If you are curious about what exactly the money was spent on, please see the attached list. We would like to thank everyone who participated. and stress that the SIMC community firmly stands behind Ukraine and its people during this time.

Ukraine Donation list

Name of Product Category Number of items
Wundantiseptikum 1000ml Desinfection 3
Ringer-Infusionslösung 500ml Infusions 20
Kochsalzlösung Infusion 500ml Infusions 20
Standardkanülen Syringes 1500
Einmalspritzen 2ml Syringes 1000
Einmalspritzen 5ml Syringes 500
Einmalspritzen 20ml Syringes 500
Copolymerhandschuhe Medical supplies 150
Heftpflaster 5cmx5m bandages & plasters 5
Vliesskompresse bandages & plasters 3000
Mullbinde 4m bandages & plasters 30
elastische Fixierbinde 4m bandages & plasters 20
Latexhandschuhe Medical supplies 500
Einmalskalpelle Medical supplies 100
Heftpflaster 2,5cmx5m bandages & plasters 10
Hautdesifnektion 1000ml Desinfection 5
Konserve Thunfisch 185g food 3
Einwegrasierer hygiene products 2
Früchtetee 50 Btl. food 1
Konserve Heringsfilet food 2
Konserve Rindsgulasch 400g food 4
Gefüllte Paprika food 1
Schwarztee 50Btl. food 2
Tomatensuppe food 4
Fleece blankets clothing & blankets 3
Beans food 2
Steppbettdecke clothing & blankets 1
Warm socks clothing & blankets 12
Energy Cake 581kcal food 42
Vinyl Handschuhe Medical supplies 400
Arbeitssocken Stanley clothing & blankets 2
First Aid Wunderverband bandages & plasters 5
Arbeitssocken clothing & blankets 12
Taschenlampe Electronic devices 5
Powerbank 5000mAh Electronic devices 5
Rasierklingen hygiene products 5
Thermosocken clothing & blankets 5
Herren Socken clothing & blankets 9
Pampers Baby Dry hygiene products 152
Beauty Baby Windeln hygiene products 2
Babivita Folgemilch food 6
Bebivita Kindermilch food 2
Israeli Bandage bandages & plasters 30
Tourniquets bandages & plasters 10
Verweilkanülen Syringes 80
Katheterfixierung bandages & plasters 100
Intrafix Syringes 100
Ringer-Infusionslösung 500ml Infusions 40
Kochsalzlösung Infusion 500ml Infusions 50
Wundantiseptikum 1000ml Desinfection 5
Hautdesifnektion 1000ml Desinfection 5
Vasofix Braunüle Syringes 20
Vliesskompresse bandages & plasters 10
Paracetamol 500mg Medication 600
Buscopan 10mg Medication 200
Cormagnesin 400mg/10ml Medication 100
Molaxole Medication 200
Loperamid Medication 200
Tomatensuppe food 20
Rindsgulasch food 10
Gefüllte Paprika food 10
Toffees food 2
Fruchtsnack food 20
Speed 406g food 1
Fruchtgummi 200g food 6
Tellersuppe food 20
Schokolade 100g food 20
Windeln Maxi hygiene products 2
Shampoo hygiene products 3
Binden hygiene products 10
Windeln Midi hygiene products 1
Duschgel hygiene products 2
Zahnbürsten hygiene products 5
Anfangsmilch food 2
Dinkelbrei food 1
Reisbrei food 1
Windeln Junior hygiene products 1
Zahncreme hygiene products 5
Baby Creme food 4

No items found.

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