Why I chose to study SIMC
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Alexander Cortolezis

Already during my bachelor program, I was entirely convinced that the SIMC master program was the right next step for me. Having participated in a business project of my specialization in the bachelor program in collaboration with six highly skilled students of the SIMC master program provided me with first-hand information about what to expect, once I get accepted at this master program.

Summarizing the different experiences as an active student, the SIMC master program successfully combines the latest academic insights with organizational and entrepreneurial hands-on experiences to be prepared for the upcoming challenges in front of me, regardless of where I want to focus on afterwards. Coming from the corporate and consulting world, it was important to me to combine this knowledge and experiences with an entrepreneurial mindset and skills.

Furthermore, as an open-minded student, I was fascinated by the international orientation of the SIMC master program. Both, the diverse student body with several different backgrounds and nationalities as well as the opportunities to go abroad for a semester or to participate in a double degree program allow to further improve and strengthen the intercultural knowledge and toolkit.

Most importantly, the strong student community was a great motivation to apply for this master program. Regardless if it is the Entrepreneurship Avenue, the Network of Innovation Management and Strategy or all the other great initiatives, there are several opportunities that perfectly complement the academic foundation of the master program. The supportive and inspiring student community allows lifelong experiences beyond the lectures and enables a can-do attitude to get more out of life.

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Alexander Cortolezis

Intake 2017 and SIMConnect President 2018/19
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