Closing trip 2019
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Melina Plakolm

On the last weekend of July, the 2018 intake went on its (theoretically) final trip of their 2 amazing years of SIMC. Before the coronavirus hit us, we were planning a 5-day trip to Croatia. However, covid made us change our plans and so we decided to go to Velden am Wörthersee instead, and postponed our trip to Croatia to next year.

We arrived at our hostel in Velden on Friday. Since we had not seen each other for a long time after semesters abroad, double degrees as well as one semester of online classes due to covid, we spent the day catching up and enjoying the lake. In the evening, we walked along the lake to get to our dinner location in the city center and finished the evening with talks by Wörthersee and some (drinking) games. 

On Saturday, we got up early to do a hike to three lakes. Our first stop was Forstsee, a remote lake in the woods. We enjoyed the cool water and had some snacks before we continued our hike. The next lake was Saissersee and from the top of a small hill, we had an amazing view of the Wörthersee and the Carinthian mountains - and of course we had to take a group picture.

For dinner, we went to a nice restaurant right by the lake which unfortunately offered very poor food and service. However, our mood was not clouded by this incident and we spent the rest of the night at our hostel. While some SIMCies stayed by the lake, talking about their lives and watching the night sky, the rest of the group made use of the hostel’s multi-purpose room to play table tennis and a few other games I would rather not mention to you :D the night, or rather, morning was ended by a jump into the lake and a beautiful sunrise over Wörthersee.

Sunday was quite a lazy day for most of us. While some SIMCies used their time to chill, and go swimming, others played volleyball and tennis or even did ab workouts (if you want to know why, please ask Andi L. or Raphi T. ;D). We went for dinner one last time in the evening and funnily enough met another master program from WU who also went to Velden for their master closing. After a short round of flunkyball where, unfortunately, us SIMCies lost big time, we spent one last fun evening together. 

The next day we packed up and had to say goodbye. It was easy to tell that everybody was sad that we had to part ways again. However, with all the events SIMConnect organizes on a daily basis, it won’t be long until we see each other again. Additionally, we have another “closing trip” in Croatia to look forward to!

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Melina Plakolm

Intake 2018 and SIMConnect President 2019/20
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