SIMConnect Book Club - Third Cycle (December 2020)
written by
Tibor Littasy

Are you still looking for a good book recommendation for your well-deserved Christmas break? Right before the holidays the SIMConnect Book Club met up online to present and discuss the contents of "Factfulness" by Hans Rosling. Continue reading for a very nice summary ⬇️

The book is about the deviation of how we perceive the world from how it actually is. We are often biased in our perceptions and beliefs which derive from 10 different instincts that are incorporated in our minds. The book shows us how the media fosters this false perception, delivers hard facts about the actual world, and offers practical solutions on how to overcome these biases and to see the world more as it actually is.

Our favourite instincts:
▪️the negativity instinct: We tend to notice the bad more than the good
▪️the size instinct: We tend to get things out of proportion, or misjudge the size of things
▪️the generalization instinct: We tend to mistakenly group together things or people, or countries that are actually very different

It is an easy, humorous read for all people who want to know more about the world we live in or about how they can reflect and possibly alter their own ways of thinking 💭. The book is full of graphs, images, and numbers and even tests your knowledge about our world via a survey.

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Tibor Littasy

Intake 2019 and Founder of the SIMConnect Book Club
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