Sustainability Challenge with Next-Incubator
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Georg Nistl

Achieving a sustainable impact, learning by doing and sharing experiences, these were the ingredients for our joint event with the next-incubator, the innovation hub for sustainability.

Live sustainably for a whole day! That was our Sustainability Challenge with Next-Incubator. How and what is done in the challenge was up to us students. Enriched with some impulses on how and where we can make my life more sustainable, many participants started their personal sustainability journey.

You can find the result in a great short video! Check it out here right now:

With the experiences from our challenge, we invited the participants to an online meeting. In addition to the challenge owner Georg Nistl, there was an exciting exchange of knowledge with Yuno Khripunova. Yuno is co-founder of Omas Teekanne (a vintage tea bar in Graz). She herself fell in love with vintage and upcycling, lives by this motto herself and has fully implemented this concept in her tea bar. How Yuno combines sustainability in private and business, she shared these experiences with us at our “come together”.

For me as Challenge Owner, it was great to see how committed the students were in the challenge, what exciting experiences they had and what interesting questions they asked about sustainability, business, innovation, vintage, upcycling, ...

I am sure that all participants took a lot with them personally from the challenge and I am already extremely looking forward to further cooperation with SIMConnect.

Many thanks to Adélaïde Morillot, Julian Bejer, Melina Mazzucato and their whole team for the chance that we were able to carry out the Sustainability Challenge with your members and that we took small steps together for a more sustainable world.
Many small steps that will have a big impact!


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Georg Nistl

Innovation Manager at Next-Incubator
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