Sustainable Agriculture Workshop with the Ban Ki-Moon Center
written by
Mackenzie Arnold and Dominique Zöhrer

As the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) continue to gain importance and visibility in our societies and lifestyles, so too does the need to build widespread understanding of the issues that relate to these goals. So, we were excited about the opportunity to collaborate with the Ban-Ki Moon Center on a workshop about sustainable agriculture and food chains. This workshop was designed to raise awareness about the impact of different agricultural food chains and to encourage more sustainable buying behaviours.

After a short introduction to the Ban Ki-Moon Center for global citizens, presented by Katre Olmez, the students got to know more about the SDGs and food supply chains through a keynote from Katrin Harvey. The workshop then had a very eye-opening interactive component, where students were sent into breakout rooms to research the supply chains of certain breakfast items, including almond milk, cow’s milk, avocados, tea and coffee. They looked into things like transportation methods, cooling systems needed, and water consumption throughout the process…did you know that it takes ~5 liters of water to grow a single almond?! Finally, the students returned to the main session for a lively discussion about their findings.

The students and the representatives of the Ban Ki-Moon Center gained many valuable insights into the impact of the supply chains of some of our favourite food items. This led to an interesting understanding of the ecological footprint of some items, and also to some ideas of how we can consume food more sustainably.

We were very happy to have hosted this workshop with the Ban Ki-Moon Center As we want to further encourage a shift towards more sustainable habits, we are looking forward to further cooperation and events!

If you want to find out more about the Ban-Ki Moon Center, check them out on instagram @bankimooncenter and on LinkedIn.

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Mackenzie Arnold and Dominique Zöhrer

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