Workshop with Basenbox
written by
Melina Mazzucato and Maria Caicedo

We’ve got two homes. One is our planet; one is our body. Many events held by theSustainability Department tackled sustainable ways of living to improve the first of our homes. But as busy full-time students, who oftentimes also work next to studying, we often forget how important a sustainable and future-oriented way of living in our bodies is.

Therefore, the Sustainability Department organised an event in cooperation with Basenbox. Basenbox offers products that support an alkaline way of living and our speaker, Eva, dedicated her time to explain the importance of healthy living in three ways:

·      Nutrition: nutrition plays a crucial role. Knowing what you put inside your body is crucial to live a healthy and sustainable life. Processed foods can have a negative impact on our body, which is why including healthy alkaline foods can give our bodies a break.

·      Movement: movement is key - not just big workouts, but small steps: moving around a little while being on the phone and taking the stairs every now and then can have huge beneficial impacts for the body.

·      Mind: Eva mentioned the importance of the mind and especially highlighted the importance of breaks. Our minds need breaks from all visual, auditive and cognitive inputs once in a while, especially nowadays while studying and working from home.

Basenbox went all the way to support us in all three dimensions: participants received alkaline soups and stews and Eva guided us through some meditative breathing exercises with a 30-minute yoga session that helped us relax and prepare for the upcoming final weeks of the semester.

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Melina Mazzucato and Maria Caicedo

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